Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anniversary Dress

When I first saw a picture of the fourth anniversary dress, I knew Gelmirian wanted it.  The basic version is white with gold embroidery and sea blue trim.  Now, the sea blue trim certainly limits the number of dyes that look reasonable. I have found two that work well.  Dyed gold, the dress becomes even more elegant. Sea blue makes the trim appear less disconnected and is preferable if only the dress is being worn. But for a full outfit, I decided to embrace the sea blue as an accent.

To do so, I dyed both the anniversary cloak and the shoulders sea blue.  The shoulders came out a tad darker, but I think that mirrors the two shades of gold. To reinforce the color scheme, I added the turquoise Circlet of Men.
In the front view you can also see the unfortunate clipping issue with her feet sticking out of the dress.  I tried various shoes and boots in white, gold, and sea blue, but I finally settled on the Elven Leather Boots dyed in white because they seemed the most unobtrusive.

Full Details:
Head: Circlet of Men 
anniversary box, cosmetic item, no level restrictions 
Shoulders: Cotton Shoulder Guards (sea blue)
min. level 22, T3 tailor, dropped recipe
Back: Cloak of the Shining Star (sea blue)
2011 Anniversary cosmetic barter item, no level restrictions
Dress: Silken Dress of Golden Splendor (gold)
2011 Anniversary cosmetic barter item, no level restrictions
Feet: Elven Leather Boots of Vigour (white)
min. level 30, Monster drop

One last thought: I generally try to ride a steed that goes with the outfit, and of my current limited options, the chestnut served best.

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  1. lovely outfit, i'm sure Gelmirian will never be overlooked wearing it :)