Monday, July 25, 2011

Low-Level Outfitting: Champion Starter Outfit

For an introduction/explanation of this Starting Outfit series, check out this post.

Elf Champion
In contrast to captains, who can be only human, the champion class is available to all races except human. Champions are fierce and unflinching in battle, wading into swarms of enemies and racking up the kills. With half the health of other melee classes, though, they are more apt to die unlike Turbine's model representative for this class, Gimli son of Gloin.

Champions receive a starting outfit of medium armor in green and brown tones. The outfit consists of three pieces, all of which are complicated by other classes' starting pieces with similar names or designs.  Please see the post on Sorting out the Confusion for clarification.

1. Leather Jacket (green and brown)
This long-sleeved chest piece has an interesting cross-hatch pattern on it, and the background dyes very well in various colors. If you like the style, definitely keep this.

2. Leather Leggings (green and brown)
These skirted leggings go with the jacket, but could undoubtedly be used in other outfits as well.

3. Leather Shoes (brown with green cuff)
These shoes dye only on the cuff and are good when you need an accent of color instead of a block of color. The minstrel copy of this design is in my wardrobe.

I really like this outfit for its versatility in dyeing. It simply looks good in a lot of different colors. Here's just one variation. Notice how brightly the jacket dyes white!
Full Details:
Chest: leather jacket (white)
starting champion outfit piece, no min. level required
Legs: leather leggings (white)
starting champion outfit piece, no min. level required
Feet: leather shoes (Evendim blue)
starting champion outfit piece, no min. level required

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  1. Just so you know, champ is available to humans, but not hobbits.