Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Low-Level Outfitting: Guardian Starting Outfit

For an introduction/explanation of this Starting Outfit series, check out this post.

Human Guardian
Gelmirian, my main, is a guardian, so I know this class the best of any of them. I chose it because I have an aversion to my characters dying, and the guardian class has enough morale to withstand most fights and tank for another player as well. And now that Gelmirian is high enough level to also use a bow, I can snipe and tank. It's great!

all pieces dyed red
Unfortunately, the starting outfit for guardians is my least favorite due to its dyeing limitations. The outfit consists of five pieces of medium armor in blue and brown tones, but most of the blue areas on this entire outfit are undyeable. In the picture at right, I have dyed each piece red; notice how much blue remains.

Again, all the pieces except the shoulders are complicated by other classes' starting pieces with similar names or designs.  Please see the post on Sorting out the Confusion for clarification.

1. Chest: Leather Shirt (blue and brown)
This shirt is a short-sleeve version of the champion's chest piece. It dyes well and is worth keeping in my opinion.

2. Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards (blue and brown)
Chiefly blue, you can dye a ribbon width of trim.

3. Hands: Leather Gauntlets (blue and brown)
Fairly standard design for medium armor bulky gloves; you're just stuck with the blue.

4. Legs: Leather Leggings (brown)
Basic leggings that dye well; worth keeping.

5. Feet: Leather Boots (blue and brown)
These boots dye strangely in two stripes; these might be useful for coordinating complicated outfits with multiple colors as long as one of them is blue.

When I'm designing an outfit and there is a difficult color that I am forced to work with (e.g. the sea blue trim on the Fourth Anniversary pieces), I tend to embrace that color and add more of it. That is what I did with the guardian's starting armor and its unchangeable blue.

Full Details:
Chest: leather shirt (orange)
starting guardian outfit piece, no min. level required
Shoulders: leather shoulder guards (default)
starting guardian outfit piece, no min. level required
Hands: leather gauntlets (orange)
starting guardian outfit piece, no min. level required
Legs: leather leggings (navy)
starting guardian outfit piece, no min. level required
Feet: leather boots (sienna)
starting guardian outfit piece, no min. level required


  1. You made the guardian starter outfit look actually nice. Well done :)

  2. You mentioned the Anniversary piece and its sea blue. My Loremaster was, until he got Mathom rep and I put him in the Mathom outfit for a while, using the Anniversary robe dyed orange along with a Sun Hat also dyed orange. I had an over-abundance of orange dye from having gotten a lot of the component roots when leveling farming, so I decided to give it a go, expecting it to look horrid. But it actually works pretty well. And orange is one color you can wear and know you'll not see many others with the same color scheme. :>